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Winamp is opening its Foundation to help musicians across the world create music they love. All funds collected by the Foundation are redistributed to charity projects supporting music and musicians.
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Who we are ?

Winamp, the iconic media player with a story going back to the 90’s, is launching its new platform in 2023. Winamp has been remastered as the ultimate music machine empowering listeners, creators and fans. Liberating music through the passion of its biggest fans. Winamp’s mission is to build a platform that unlocks the relationship between artists and fans everywhere.

The Winamp Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Winamp Company.

Our vision

All the funds collected by the Winamp Foundation will be redistributed to charity projects supporting music and musicians. Music is a universal language. It is a form of communication that transcends space and time, touching the hearts of people worldwide. With just one note, a shred of hope, happiness and even sadness can be transmitted from one soul to the next.

We are the same when we play music.


Our mission

Like Winamp and its millions users spread on the five continents, the Winamp Foundation has a worldwide ambition. Our mission is to improve the lives of communities by helping them to reach their full potential through the power of making music. The Winamp Foundation support will be focused on regions of the world where music enjoys little support from local authorities. The Winamp Foundation aims to empower directly local organisations to use music as an essential form of development of their communities.

The Winamp Foundation exemplifies the values of www.winamp.com.
Thanks to “transparency through simplicity”, we have the ambition to push the boundaries of philanthropic activities to innovate with generosity.

Our staff

All final decisions concerning the philanthropic projects of the Winamp Foundation are made by a Board of Directors essentially constituted by artists and music creators. They are supported by a group of regional experts who have the responsibility to curate and monitor the projects to be proposed to the Board.

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